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可能你會問: 為什麼在教會的網站裡有語言學習?

最簡單的回答是:語言是溝通的媒介,而福音就是我們告訴人們有關神的愛和祂拯救罪惡世界計劃的渠道。 故此,懂另外一種語言/方言能幫助我們與他人分享生命最重要的信息,不然他/她就可能失去認識神的機會。我們教會大多數會眾都是說粵語的,但越來與多只能說普通話或英語的中國人住在這附近地方, 所以,假如果我們要認真在福音上有負擔,或願意與他們建立關係,能說他們的語言/方言便成為我們優先的需要。

另一方面,有很多人們因為各種原因以前失去學習英語的機會,而他們都很想能說英語來改進他們在英語環境下的生活質素。在我們教會教授普通話和英語 (要算只是初級的) 與及藉著教會的網站已證明是一個有效的方法讓人們認識教會和介紹裡面各種聚會和小組。學員通過教會網站可以索取學習資源,也能找到教會的多種在進行中的活動,已有許多學員就是透過這渠道來到教會的.

This short course will only be held if there are at least 6-10 people joining as a group. Course material is provided. The following is  

Before one can learn to speak Mandarin accurately one should ideally learn Pinyin. It is a linguistic system which consists of phonetic symbols like the International Phonetic Alphabets used by those who learn English or other languages. It consists of Consonants (Finals) and Vowels (Initials).  Apart from this, another important element is the so-called 'Tones' of which there are four. It determines the pitch at which a Chinese character is read. Please note that this web material is based on lesson notes and you should have them in order to get the most from this online teaching.

The following may help you get an idea of the basic element covered:


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