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From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible teaches missions — Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. Let blessings fill the earth. The New Testament also records that Jesus commanded all nations to be disciples, and before ascending to heaven He spoke of bearing witness for him to the ends of the earth. Revelation mentions that people from every language and tribe must stand before the throne. This shows that missions are God’s will - the gospel, is to save people! It is the message that God wants us to send to all nations.

CCEMC has continued to promote local evangelism over the years. For many years, the Chinese Congregation family has been promoting local evangelism. We have set up stalls in the streets in Epsom town and invited people to have coffee and discuss their faith. Furthermore, during the Christmas season, in addition to celebrating the festive occasion, we also hold a Christmas evangelistic evening event and even travel to different cities to hold Christmas Cantata evangelistic meetings with local Chinese Methodists. Of course, during special Chinese holidays, we also hold different festive joyful evangelistic evening events and feasts.



In 2016, CCEMC began to extend the gospel to support overseas missions. In 2018, after more than 20 years of establishing the church, the first overseas mission team was sent to Uganda. Owing to the epidemic, the ministry of the two overseas mission teams was postponed in 2020.



In addition to sending overseas short-term mission teams, CCEMC also began to promote and encourage Christians to participate in missions offering, using money to support missionary organizations.

In the past three years, the offering of each year is as follows:

     2017/18       4,283.00                

     2018/19       6,680.00

     2019/21     11,925.00

         2019/21       6,650.00

         2019/21       9,035.00

Every year, the missions offerings received are dedicated to different missionary organisations to support their ministries promoted.




May God continue to move members of CCEMC to participate in overseas missions with their own actions and in mission offering. Let’s also commit this vision of CCEMC’s in prayer and may God raise up believers to dedicate themselves to become full-time overseas missionaries and for this we pray to God.

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