Christian Education

Bible study classes and developmental courses


CCEMC encourages each Christian to join at least one bible study class. It is hoped that our spiritual lives to be no longer like an infants, and that we would long for pure spiritual milk so that our spiritual lives may grow gradually.

Presently, Chinese Congregation has bible classes and developmental courses of different languages:

1. Cantonese bible study
2. Mandarin bible study
3. Discipleship (Red edition) Cantonese and Mandarin
4. English bible study



                                        Discipleship Course  


We wish you would pray for determination, and with the moving of the Holy Spirit you would apply and join. Through bible study and developmental courses we may become a workman who does not need to be ashamed, correctly handling the word of truth.



                                                    Cantonese Bible Study




CCEMC "Wind" Publication

Why is this publication known as "Wind"? Wind brings a sense of freshness, sobriety, and change. Chinese Congregation encourages Christians to be renewed, elevated and transformed.

After Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, the Holy Spirit descended like a wind, and His disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit. They talked about the great deeds of God that Jesus must first die and then rise from the dead. This wind moved people & hearts and 3,000 people were baptized, marking the official establishment of the church. This wind moved the believers to persevere in observing the teachings of the apostles, having fellowship with one another, breaking bread, and praying.

May the CCEMC family  experience the wind of the Holy Spirit, experience renewal, elevation, and transformation, and together establish and strengthen the relationship with God.


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